Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Cinema Pet-Hates #2

#2: People who complain that the movie is too loud.

As a projectionist, the vast majority of my job is done for me by programming and machines. This includes the sound levels in the auditorium, which adjust to a pre-programmed level when the film begins to roll. The level we actually have our volume set to is a little lower than the supposed industry standard, because we genuinely care about our customers' ear-drums and don't want to blast their heads through the back of the theatre.

This does not, however give certain members of the public the license to come stumbling from said auditorium, clutching their ears and pleading for the volume to be turned down even further. The volume of the show is a part of the immersive experience, and just because your ears are too damn sensitive doesn't mean we should sabotage the enjoyment of the people who like their explosions LOUD!

Would you go to a rock concert and ask the band to keep it down? Would you go to a nightclub and tell the DJ to lower the volume? If you can't hack the noise, go home and watch a cocking DVD, then you can put it on fucking mute if you want to.


  1. I like my movies loud. I'm paying for explosions on screen, I want them to sound like I'm being blown apart too.

  2. Yes i too like my movies and music loud. why go if you want quiet.

    good points.

  3. Has someone pissed you off today? I detect a hint of anger. : )

  4. TS + Jeff, you are sound of mind.

    Worthi: Not that day, specifically, the pet-hates "series" is simply a way to vent my general malaise. You'd be surprised how often we get the "too loud" complaint.

  5. Hah I work in a cinema, a so-called 'popcorn jockey' and have this complaint allll the tiiime. "Uhhh can you turn the sound down?" And another one "It's sooo cold, can you turn the air con off??"