Monday, 22 February 2010

My Cinema Pet-Hates # 4

#4: Films with too many logos at the start.

You know the feeling.

You've just had to sit through an advert reel of between 10/15 minutes (maybe even longer on a bigger film or around christmas time), followed by a sequence of trailers running for about the same length again; maybe an advert for the cinema chain you're in, then perhaps some comedy skit with a celebrity guest telling you to switch your phone off and, finally, the certificate for the movie appears on screen.

"At last", you think. "Let's get this show on the road!" Fade to black. And then...

A logo for some movie studio appears. Just a 30 second animation, maybe the Universal or Fox logo, nothing too unexpected.

Here we go. Film on.

Another logo appears, maybe this time its a production company, or another studio that's working in affiliation with the first studio, but whoever they are, they deserve a short animation to mark their territory as well.

And then there's another.

Maybe the lead actor has a company, and he/she wants their stamp on the product. And another. And another. The start of a feature film has started to feel like an advertisement break in itself, only all the adverts are for movie production companies. It won't be long before you see "Catering by Mike's Movie Munchies" before you see the title of the bloody film.

And the greatest insult? The fact that you know damn well that, after having to sit through this parade of "idents", the first minute or two of credits in the film will simply be a re-affirmation of the involvement of each and every one of the companies who just announced their ownership of the film to you in an animation. "I know Warner Bros Pictures are presenting this film, I saw their cocking logo not thirty fucking seconds ago! Get on with the fucking film, you self-promoting bastards!"


  1. This does not bother me at all. I never watch movies!

  2. Haha I couldn't agree more, too many logos indeed.