Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fantasy Films: Fawlty Towers


  1. I'm glad you kept John Cleese involved :D

  2. I'm not sure DDL can do "loveable" in any sense. Perhaps if he can get away with that default voice of his and perform lines such as "I WILL DRINK YOUR BLOOD, MANUEL" and "NO MONEY - YOU PAY ME IN YOUR WIFE'S ASS" and "GIVE ME THE CUNTING KEYS, YOU WRETCHED FUCKER" then it might be a go-project.

  3. Sugar: Cleese is old enough to play the major, and he's probably not got much else on at the moment.

    Maf: since when has basil fawlty been lovable? He's arrogant, pompous, delusional, neurotic, aggressive, violent and sexually repressed. It's a part DDL could really get his teeth into!