Friday, 13 August 2010

Summertime Blues

It's the summer holidays. A time when children rejoice at the prospect of six weeks of freedom from school, teenagers prepare themselves for exam results, and projectionists start to malfunction even more than usual.

Somebody has had the bright idea that, throughout the summer holidays, the cinema should be showing both early and late shows. This means that the site is open to the public from about 9.30am til about 2am. That's about seventeen hours.

Now, you can just about understand the mentality that would suggest opening early during school holidays. Some kids get up early and the parents need to give them summat to do, so they could go to the pictures. The late shows, however, make very little sense. It's the school holidays, so kids can stay up late, right? But nobody under 18 years of age is supposed to be in the cinema after about 10.30pm. But the students are off too, so they might want to catch a performance of "Inception" at 11.30, right? Yeah, the students are off, so the vast majority of them have gone home.

This leaves us sitting around at two o'clock in the morning, waiting for the credits to roll on a film with two people watching it. Bear this in mind next time you go to watch a late show: If you are the only person in the screen, you are the only reason that film is still on. If there was nobody there, the film would be shut down and everyone else could go home. So don't sit there watching the credits in case there's an extra scene at the end or because you want to find out what that one song was called. I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

The general crux of all this nonsense is an excuse. I haven't posted much lately because there's not much going on at work, though we are obviously busy, and the early/late opening times means there is no time to print-check new films or put on staff shows, so I haven't been able to write reviews. I even had to watch a film with the public yesterday! What's the world coming to?


  1. Here, here. Of course what these decision-making people seem to easily forget is that you need at least 15 people in the screen just to make it worth running the Xenon lamp for 2+ hours! And then they have the cheek to moan at the slightest hint of over-spending on the budgets.

  2. All I can say is to 'keep a stiff upper lip'. It really may not make much sense between showing times, but at least it'll all eventually be over in autumn... maybe :0