Thursday, 2 September 2010

Judgement Day

The Rise of the Machines is upon us.

The other day, we got an email at work. It said that, starting early next year, the cinema chain I work for will be initiating the change to digital projection.

Projectionism as we know it will be no more.

They haven't given us a precise date, or even said what this means with regard to our position in the company, but the fact remains that our job will pretty much cease to exist.

Digital projectors are run with computers, and the programming process is easy to learn and definitely not worth paying someone a full-time wage to manage. Programming the digital projectors will become just another duty for the management team, while projectionists will have to either become something else or be terminated.

And so, dear reader, there is an axe hanging over this fair blog. The Intermittent Sprocket's days are numbered. I'm working towards a deadline, I just don't know when it is.

It's probably for the best. I've been a projectionist for four years, so maybe it's time for a change anyway.

Plus, watching films on 35mm is like watching VHS when you could be watching a DVD. The digital revolution is a positive thing. Right?

Here's a song:


  1. hang in there, dude. In the meantime, I keep an EMP emitter under my bed in case any of this digital shit goes all self-aware on me

  2. Awww, TUMTUM, come to America and hang out with us. :)

  3. Ouch. The sword of Damocles indeed...:-(

    When you least expect it, something turns up for you. Just keep your chin up, buddy.

    -French Bean

  4. That sucks. I think 35mm is part of the charm of the cinema, I can watch DVDs at home!

  5. Hey dude, we clearly work for the same company because I got the same letter. I've been a protagonist for 3 years now so like you feel that change might be good and needed (well, we wont have a choice really). I still think it'll be 12 months before anything happens but I'm not going to bide my time. I shall make sure I pinch one of our intermittent sprockets before I go and it shall always remind me of you.

    On a side note, I've seen Inception on 35mm, Digital and IMAX digital and you know what, the 35mm by far looked the best!

  6. Worry not I'm sure John Connor will save the day!

    But in all seriousness this is a solemn day I will sincerely miss this blog.

  7. I wouldn't worry to much mate. Digital projection isnt as fully automated as you would think judgeing by the process our projectionists go through running ours. No scope changes etc but adsets still need to be loaded onto each projector and you still need someone there full time if something goes wrong. If your full time already your job will be safe. Its the part timers that need to be worried...

  8. Sorry to hear that man, this was a long time coming unfortunately, much like shooting movies are undergoing the same type of movement.

  9. Oh shit :0

    Hopefully it won't be for a long time, but... damn that sux. But possibly from what that anonymous guy said, you may not be down and out when the time comes

    But if does go ahead as what you think, then you could still review films, right? New and old, it'd just require a bit of spare cash :/