Friday, 17 September 2010

The Other Guys: Warm Fuzz

I was going to write a review of "The Other Guys", but can't actually bring myself to put any effort into it. It's not because the film's bad or anything, it's just the worst kind of film to review. It's fine. It's alright. It's quite good even.

And quite good just isn't any fun to write about. Awesome is fun. Shit is fun. Majestic failure is fun. Quite good is shit.

So, "The Other Guys" is pretty good. If you like Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's other films, you'll probably quite enjoy it, but it's probably not even as funny as "Step Brothers", let alone "Anchorman". Here's a quick rundown of stuff that comes to mind about the film:

Marky Mark is very amusing in a rare purely comedic performance.

Ferrell is playing the straight man for a change.

Michael Keaton has been off our screens for so long he's aged about a million years since I last saw him. He does good work here and in "Toy Story 3", so I can't see why he's been gone so long. Come back sooner rather than later, Michael!

Steve Coogan isn't in it enough and isn't funny enough.

The plot is not very involving and drags on for a bit too long.

Will Ferrell pimping isn't as funny as it should be.

This film should've been made for a "15" certificate ("R" rated), as it feels like everyone should've been swearing more. Particularly Marky Mark.

The Rock and Big Sam Jackson rock the shit, and I may be missing the point a bit, but I would rather have seen a whole over-the-top action-spoof movie about their characters than the story on display here.

It is a bit like an American "Hot Fuzz", but it's not as funny as that. Maybe because of the cultural divide. I can laugh at Simon Pegg chasing down a shop-lifting shell-suit more than I can laugh at Marky Mark shooting Derek Jeter by accident. If you don't know who that is, that's my point.

Eva Mendes is sweet and spicy at the same time.

That's about it. I smiled for most of the duration, but rarely laughed out loud. It's rib-tickling, but not gut-busting. It'll do I suppose.


  1. I wasn't so keen on this but I do agree the best bit by far was the Sam J and The Rock bit and it would almost be worth seeing just for that, almost. At least then you can leave early and get home for a nice cup of tea before dinner. I also agree about Michael Keaton. He looked really wrinkly in one shot. It's almost worth seeing for that too, almost.
    Finally, Ray Stevenson's Australian accent was more South African than anything else. It's almost worth seeing for that too but I'd recommend Ewan McGregor's "Irish" accent from Angels & Demonds instead.

  2. The Sam J and Rock scenes had a sort had a sort of 'bittersweet' climax to them. While it was a shame to see them go, it was also absolutely hilarious.

    The rest was 'okay'

    Good review. Cheers!

  3. Still haven't seen it, mostly because the trailer did not make me go "whoo!" just kinda "oh"

    And I totally get what you mean by the annoyance that is reviewing a film that's not brain-splittingly awesome or at least eye-gougingly bad

  4. Agreed that Hot Fuzz is a million times better. I had too high expectations for The Other Guys and it was good, but not great so I wound up being disappointed.

  5. I wasn't impressed with this at all. Thank god I downloaded a screener instead of paying to see it. All seemed to contrived and hardwork. I think I only laughed once through the whole film.

  6. My review of this review:

    Boring, uninspired - nothing new. It'll do, I guess. I couldn't even be bothered reviewing this review.

  7. Matt: Yeah, I wasn't sure about that accent either, until Wahlberg said he was Australian. Then I was like "Really? Okay." He sounded like Mr Whitmore from LOST, which was an Australian trying to sound English.

    Dave: Agreed.

    Sugar: Yeah, it's hard to get motivated to write about a film that didn't really get a response from you.

    B: That part wasn't as funny as it should've been.

    Grump: I didn't get my hopes up too high, so I wasn't disappointed as such. I would've liked it to have been better, though.

    DM: Seems you liked it even less than I did.

    Anon: My review of your review of this review:

    Moronic psuedo-witty arse-chunder of the worst kind.

    Thank you all for commenting!