Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Summons

Our presence has been demanded.

The cinema company I work for has initiated a series of crisis meetings, ostensibly to decide the future of projectionism, but seeming more like a method of patronising us into thinking our opinions count in what is essentially a no-brain business decision.

Me and my boss have been told we have to attend a meeting on Monday in a town about a half hour train journey away, and that the information which will be imparted is of such a momentous and sensitive nature that it cannot possibly be communicated via phone or email or even hinted at in advance of the meeting.

We've been sent for.

And anyone who's seen "Donnie Brasco" knows what that means.

They're going to kill us. Our usefulness has run its course and they are going to gather all the institutionalised protectionists together in one place and wipe them out in one fell swoop. It's their final solution.

Should I not post again, I ask only that you think of the projectionists from time to time. They weren't such a bad lot.

Remember them.


  1. Or put a lion in your car. Either way. I will chronicle your story to my children and my children's children etc.

  2. That's pretty much a kick in the balls, man. Sorry to hear it.

  3. Sugary Cynic and I will play you in the movie we write about you. She'll play the younger you...I'll play the older you...

    On the other hand should you live through this meeting, Sugary and I will hire hitmen. We have this project on the road you know.

    Seriously though...Good luck with this change.

  4. Sugar: you must sing the song of projection long after we are gone.

    Grump: oh, the ball-kick is still to come, this is just them telling us they're going to kick us in the balls. They won't tell us when, but it's nice if them to give us a heads-up.

    Widow: I lived through the meeting. The same cannot necessarily be said for my job...

    Sugar: the academy loves tragic biopics. You're a shoo in.

    Cheers for comments!