Friday, 12 November 2010

I Saw a Film Today, Oh Boy...

I think I might miss this.

I watched a film today.

I doubt I'll ever have another job where I can clock in and then sit and watch a film as part of my day's work.

I had a revelation, then. That I take this job for granted. Before I worked here, I think I would've been ecstatic if you offered to pay me money to watch a film. Now it's just something I do.

We've always said that a projectionist is like a ninja: if they're doing their job properly, no one will even notice they're there.

This, of course, means that no one will notice when they're gone.


  1. Thought you should know that the title of this post inspired me to listen to "A Day in the Life."

  2. Great that you are appreciating the job while your still there. It's a cliche, but usually we dont know what we have until it's gone! However much longer you have with it will end up being the most rewarding :)