Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When Projectionists Get Bored...

Projection is a job which involves a certain amount of "downtime". There is a skill to finding ways to keep oneself occupied and stave off the onset of cabin fever. Some projectionists like to carry out general maintenance or catch up on paperwork. Personally I prefer to deface the posters that adorn the walls of the booth.

Click to supersize them.

I won't take credit for this one:


  1. They were all funny but the Daniel Craig one made me laugh my ass off. You forgot the childhood abomination that was A Kid in King Arthur's Court tho:

    Best. Hairdo. Ever.

  2. I have to agree, excellent work. How I long for an occupation such as yours.

    I think I will take your "How to Become a Projectionist" steps quite seriously in order to reach my newly formed life goals.

  3. Green - Not sure if you've been reading this blog, but you might need some even newer life goals.

  4. HA! I love these, especially the Daniel Craig one! You're too good!

  5. I lost it at the last one.

  6. Haha. I remember the Daniel Craig one from years ago!

  7. Deface this:

  8. i would love to be a projectionist ...

  9. Sugar: I can honestly say I have never seen that film, and hope I never do. I did used to have hair like that, though.

    Diego: What Tommy said.

    Tommy: What you said.

    Nicole: You're too kind.

    Dave: I hope you found it again.

    Maxim: You shouldn't have been in the booth, you interloper!

    Maf: I think Nolan did a good enough job.

    Simon: You're a bit late.

    Kid: At least you didn't write "lol".

    Thank-you all for commenting!