Monday, 31 January 2011

BlogalongaBond and the Death of John Barry

The Incredible Suit had the genius idea of hosting a blogathon in which various bloggers would write about a Bond film every month from now until the release of the next sequel.

Find out more about the heinously titled "BlogalongaBond" here and here.

We kick off with "Dr No", which I always thought was wanting for a classic theme song. I mean "Three Blind Mice" doesn't really cut it. Here's my attempt, entitled "Negative Physician":

In a bizarre twist of synchronicity, as I was about to pimp my silly Bond song on Twitter this morn, I was met with the sad news of the death of John Barry. Barry's work on the music for the Bond movies was as important to the cinematic and cultural impact of said films as the suits, the cars, the chicks and Sean Connery's accent. A sad loss.


  1. Sad to hear about John Barry, he was a legend.

    The song was pretty damn funny, but hang about, is that the first time you've shown your face on here? I feel I should make a note of the date, so that decades from now, I can tell my kids "I was THERE, man!".

  2. Dave: I think I may have appeared here and there previously, but this is the first confirmed sighting of my mush. Probably the first of many. Be warned!

  3. "he's got scary robot hands" - masterful. If it hadn't been for this blog, I wouldn't have found The Incredible Suit (which in turn means I wouldn't be losing a couple of hours of my life for the next twenty-odd months watching all the Bond films), so thanks for that

  4. Cracked me the hell up! "...and property damage and human casualties and misogyny and borderline alcoholism" AWESOME