Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Guest Post: Kid in the Front Row

The Kid in the Front Row has very kindly offered a guest post for your perusal. Check it out and then go and vote for him in the "best entertainment" category here.

The Fucking Projection Room

The cinema had been closed down for years. Hardly anyone even knew it was a cinema. Seems kind of insane, right? Like, how can people just forget it was a cinema? The craziest thing is that it was still just sitting there -- but under all the decay and attempts to change what the building was used for -- it kind of lost it's identity.

But it was still there. Inside, hidden away, was the ghost of an old cinema. The seats were still there, the big screen was still there, an old 'Walls Ice Cream Fridge' was still out the back. There were still urinals in the men's toilets, but I thought best not to use them.

This was my Cinema Paradiso dream come true. And It was me and about only five other guys who seemed to know about it. It was a dream day; seeing old movie posters still stuck up on the wall. Creeping into derelict screens and feeeeeeling the history. It was perfect.

Except for the projection room. It was locked. And boarded up. The handyman guy who snuck me in didn't have the key. And he didn't know how to get into the room. I suggested we smash the door down. He suggested I leave.

But I was adamant. So he made me leave. And that is the end of the story.

But the silly handyman gave me his number. Why did he make such a mistake? I repeatedly text him and called him, "we should smash the door down! I wanna get in that projector room! I wanna see it! The projector is still there. We'll be the first people to see it in decades, amazing!" He didn't respond. That was the end, no more contact ever again.

And then he text me. He told me he really wanted to get in there. He said we should smash it down. We thought about the legal aspects and the historic aspects and they were all good and all but------ we wanted to smash it down!

And then he lost his job. The story ends abruptly.


  1. RIP, rip, rip.

    Remember the Regal?



  2. Depressing. I want to smash that fucking door down too now!

  3. Tb: I did my own little tribute to the regal when they ripped it down:


    Diego: You and me both.

    Thanks for comments!