Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Signing off

Tomorrow is my last day as a projectionist.

If there's anyone still out there, you may have noticed a dearth of updates in the past month or two. I think I've told my projection story to the best of my ability, and the urge to write snide comments about films has waned a lot.

After tomorrow, I will no longer be shining a light through a window for a living, and by the end of the month I will be attempting to start a new life in the capital city of England. I will probably still post here every now and then but, if you want to keep up to speed with what's going on with The Unwashed Mass, your best bet is to head to my youtube channel and get subscribed:

I'll be moving more into the audio-visual medium and trying to fend for myself out there amongst the vloggers and dogs on skateboards, all while trying to find my feet in a strange and alien town. I'll be posting songs and video diaries and maybe even sketches and skits on there, so feel free to stop by.

Whoever's still reading, I want to thank you for sticking around. It's been fun. Check back here from time to time, if you like. I may have some writing left in me yet...

For now: Goodbye.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BlogalongaBond #5: You Only Live Twice

Apologies for the lack of prose lately. Here's another musical effort in association with The Incredible Suit's BlogalongaBond excercise:

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