Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Goodbye to a Dying Art


  1. There are many things about the 'digital age' that I love, but this makes me kind of sad.
    For me as much I like being able to use music sites to listen to whatever I want I will always love my vinyl best. I guess movie buffs must be feeling the same about those giant reels of tape.

  2. That made me feel sad. It's like watching hand crafted embroidery or architects designing by hand instead of CAD.
    I embrace change just like anyone else, but it does not take away the fact that it saddens me when certain crafts and skills are thrown away just because technology replaces them.
    At some point I think the world will rely back on the use of hands to do things and not a drone. Just sayin'.

  3. great werk, Mass -

  4. Thanks -- that was great; very informative, and mixed with your wonderful sense of humour, and of course the accent which seems to lend itself well to one-liners/sarcasm.

    Good luck with your future ventures; your music and youtube stuff -- but I hope you stick around with blogging in some way. You're part of the furniture here.